I am delighted with the idea of prayer. I strive to adore Our Lord present in the Eucharist, each Friday I receive Holy Communion for peace in the world and in Poland. I have been a member of „The Living Rosary Association” for many years.


Each month on the 25th, I make a Holy Hour and I receive Holy Communion for peace in the world.

Rosalie from Radom, Poland

I thank you for the great work undertaken by the Association and for the joy of prayer before “The Star of Kazakhstan” in Krzeszów (Poland). I commit myself to say daily one Rosary for the faithfulness of our nation to God and for peace in the world.


On 20 August 2012 together with my husband I went to Czestochowa. We saw there the Altar “The Star of Kazakhstan”. It is difficult to describe the impression I had looking at Mr. Drapikowski’s work of art.

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A beautiful altarpiece [“The Jerusalem Triptych”], blessed by Pope Benedict XVI and, a unique in the entire Jerusalem opportunity of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament attracts many people thirsting for tranquility and encounter with God. Before this altar, a perpetual prayer for peace in the Holy Land and in the world continues *.

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Yes, it is true. However, the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, one of the deepest common mysteries of God and man takes on a very special dimension in the Holy City. Here one feels the touch of the history of Salvation with each sense, each thought, each cell of one’s body, every moment and everywhere. As if, suddenly, one finds oneself among the pages of the Bible, enlivened by the Holy Spirit’s breath, in the heart of the world, in the most important place on earth.

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All good things that happen in the Church begin with a warm contact with God, the only true Love. Here beats the heart of the Church, here happiness begins, in which we will be bathed in heaven.

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